Aiding The Growth Of Local Businesses

The i2i Network (Westbury business services) is an organisation consisting of local professionals from the Wiltshire region who operate on a non-for-profit basis. We invite both individual professionals as well as members from bigger firms who work in a variety of different business sectors to join the company.

Business Growth Plans

By joining the i2iNetwork you will be fully immersed into a system where fellow business owners look out for each other. If there ever comes a time when your business is highlighted for potential work then a fellow member will be able to pass across your details in the shape of a business card. By carrying each other’s details allows the fellow members of the i2i Network to be fully engaged in the growth of the other members businesses. Business can be generated so easily through recommendations. We believe that by helping each other allows us, in turn, to help ourselves.

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Business Generated

The Group has generated £645,478 of business passed since December 2013.

Leads Passed On